I Quit!


Written on 6:28 AM by Sarah

I did it. I put in my two weeks this week and it felt so good. I know there are people all around me dying to get a job but I'm happy to be unemployed for a little while. If everything works out right, I should get an actual Spring Break. Something I haven't known for eight years. Before you ask, I put money aside first. My bills will be paid. But right now, I need a vacation. I'm stressed to the edge of cracking and I'd rather drop the mundane office job than see my grades suffer.

In a word: Relief. That's my week. Though it's pouring rain and still in the 50's this early April, I couldn't be happier.

I hope John will relax once I've secured another job and he sees how much cleaner the house is.

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  1. SSQuo |

    Good for ya! :) Im still trying to catch up on your life, is your house any cleaner? Has John noticed? He had better!!!!


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