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Written on 10:36 AM by Sarah

I can't do this anymore. I simply cannot work for morons who have no grasp on reality. Too many people in this office have been coddled since infancy and cannot understand how the world works outside of their brownstone suburb.

Today, I open my email to find one of our Sales Reps wants me to order a car for her with particular... details. She hates vans, thinks they are tacky. Thinks the clients will think they are tacky. So I have to request a "black Lincoln Town Car" and nothing else. She also said to clarify the address because there was a mix up last week when the car company who "doesn't speak good English[sic]" went to the wrong location. Then, if this wasn't enough to make me laugh, she closes her email with the most asinine request. I'm reprinting it here, exactly as it was typed:

"I don’t know how you can word it but I would like to ask the dispatcher to send someone professional and clean (not smelly)….. lol
Thanks Sarah."

Sure... I'll get right on that. And John wonders why I want to quit my job?

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  1. SSQuo |

    That was hilarious!!

    She should really carry packets of Deo-on-the go and dish them out as and when she thinks she needs to.
    Or stuff pieces of the white flaky stuff up her nostrils before she gets into a car! That would be quite a sight. lol :)


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