The Mondays 2/2


Written on 8:07 AM by Sarah

For everyone who has a case of the Mondays, I'll be sharing a bit of work-related humor with you every start of the work week to help get you through to Friday. Enjoy!

He Uses The Google

Me: “Thank you for calling *** Services, how may I help you?”
Customer: “I am an old man who does not understand anything about computers. Something is wrong… can you help me step by step?”
Me: “Yes, I can. First off I need to know somethings about your computer…”
(After about 5 minutes he hands the phone to his son who is a self-proclaimed computer software technician.)
Customer’s son: “Hey, this is ***. I know about computers so you can speak all the Internet jargon you want.”
Me: “Alright. First off, what web browser are you using?”
Customer’s son: “Well I am on Google, so Internet Explorer.”
Me: “… Sir?”
Customer's son: “Yeah, since I am on Google, I’m obviously using Internet Explorer.”
Me: “Can I speak with your father, sir?”

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  1. SSQuo |

    Whats the verdict, do you live next to raptors????? And you are in Brooklyn? Hmmm....


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