Dream Job


Written on 7:21 AM by Sarah

I have this vague misconception about my ideal job. It's not a specific occupation nor even a specfic genre. I just know I want to be in control of my own future. I want to, essentially, become my own boss and make my own choices. I know what's required for good customer service and what's required to make money rather than losing it. I can be frugal or generous whichever the situation calls for. I know how to dress up and present myself and I know when to kick back and relax with coworkers. I can make people who hate one another work together and I can make any task fun for anyone just by how it's presented.

Perhaps my plan of going into teaching isn't too far off from what I want in my life. But, to be honest, one of the main reasons I chose education over art or animation or writing or one of the many paths I've pursued...

I want the paid vacation time. I want my summers free to spend time with my imaginary future-family.

Yes, it's true that I love working with kids because the older sister in me is still there. And, yes, it's true that I love reading and writing and inspiring that same love in others. But I think teaching will be ideal for my other future plans as well.

My First Job


Written on 1:24 PM by Sarah

If I were to classify the first time I was paid to do a task for someone, it would be the day I was old enough to do chores and recieve an allowance.

I don't quite remember my age, but I know I was around ten years old because my stepdad was still in the military. I had three younger brothers and my mother decided to make a Chore Chart with some markers and posterboard. We had that list on every fridge for the next ten years.

Our chores varied from doing the dishes to feeding the dog and they alternated days so no one would feel like they were doing all the hard chores. Of course, my younger brothers weren't asked to do things beyond their abilities and it took a good amount of explanation before I accepted this as a fair decision.

My mother would check off or star sticker the chart after we had done our chores for the day. Then, on Saturday, we would each get $5. I think this went up after a while because I remember getting $20 for washing her car, but I digress. The point was that we had to do everything. And if you missed your day, you simply piled them up for the next day so there was no escaping the chores. I learned a valuable lesson during the days of the Chore Chart:

Little brothers hate doing dishes, and they will give you money to do it for them.