Monday 4/6


Written on 8:17 AM by Sarah

Stupidity Can Go Either Way
Golf Course Florida, USA
Customer: “Excuse me. Do you have any left-handed golf balls?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Customer: “I’m left-handed, and I need a left-handed ball. I don’t want my balls curving to the right all the time.”
Me: “All the balls are the same. They’re round, and they don’t have a hand preference.”
Customer: “Don’t f*** with me. I already had to search through all your clubs for a left-handed one, so where’s your left-handed balls?”
Me: “…the dark green and the orange balls are left-handed.”
Customer: “See? Was that so hard?”
Me: *facepalm* has to be my favorite site within the last 30 days. :)

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  1. Dani |

    Hey! The comments work now! YAY! Just wanted to comment to let you know I've wanted to comment on the past...let's say...5,6 posts! I hope your life treats you well now that you're not working and that you enjoy it for the time being. :)

  2. Sarah |

    Thanks. lol. I forgot to delete this post. I hope having time off next week will let me catch up on stuff like this.

  3. Dani |

    :) This is hilarious! Did someone REALLY go looking for a left-handed ball? My goodness how dumb can one get? LOL

  4. Sarah |

    You'd be suprised. Unless you've ever worked in retail... then you'd just shake your head and say, "been there, heard that."

  5. Don |

    Dilbert's great. People are infinitely amusing (and sometimes frustrating). As a former software engineer, I once had a user call for assistance. I asked them if they had read the help screen. They replied, "No." (long pause) I said, "Would you like me to read it to you?" Their response? "Yes. That might help." So I read it to them, and it helped. (I learned not to offer help sarcastically, because they might miss the sarcasm.) So stupidity lives wherever human interaction does, even beyond the world of retail.

    I'm enjoying your blog. I found a way to follow your iChange blog, but not this one? Is there a help screen I can read?



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