Am I Being Too Nice?


Written on 1:04 PM by Sarah

It seems they haven't found anyone to replace me yet and Friday is suposed to be my last day. However, I was asked to stay another week to give them more time. I accepted the offer since my fingerprinting for the Board of Ed takes ten-forteen days to process before I can tutor. I only had plans to clean up the house and work on my novel. I guess I can give up forty hours of my Spring Break to working instead. :/

Kinda sad though that I caved in. I really don't want to be here any more.

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  1. Dani |

    Oh aren't you the giver! :) Hope it's not too much of a horrible sacrifice for you. If it is, don't go. :)

  2. Don |

    Am I being too nice?

    Only you can answer that! Not that too nice is a bad thing, just often under-appreciated.

    I appreciated your story over at P&P in response to the prompt... Dreams of Somewhere Else.

    My favorite line? "No one ever tells you that humility and delight can intertwine."

    I hope you find such a place.


  3. Sarah |

    Thanks Don! I'll try to add a link for following on teh side. I never suspected anyone would read this blog. :)

  4. Don |

    I am that suspect!

    (I enjoyed your take on the hummingbird photo today at PP&P.)



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